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TalkSurfing is an established community and news site. Launched in 2010 the site is monitised and ranks well in search engines. The site is offered for sale as a whole: including domain name, design and content. For more details and to register your interest contact our sole broker.

TalkSurfing is one of a number of websites in the talk network which is currently for sale.


Welcome to TalkSurfing

Welcome to Talk Surfing - the new home of Surfing on the web. The site is currently under development but we are proud to say that the guide to Surfing is up and available.

Surfing is an extremely popular sport which Liz Stratford takes you through in our Talk Surfing guide. If you are interested in the sport and want to learn about it then just click on the Guides tab at the top of the page, even if you want to learn about the special language Surfers use then we have you covered.

The World of Surfing

Whilst the rules of Surfing aren't hard and fast there are some things that you should know before paddling out into the waves.

Another thing you should do before getting into the water is be safe so check out our safety tips.

Like a lot of the sports in the TalkOn.It Network Surfing as its own special language I'm sure most of us have heard of 'Gnarly' but what about 'Brah' and 'Brainfreeze'?

If you are interested in surfing in the UK then check out that section of the guide.


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scarborough surf checks

If your heading up north these guys have a daily surf check and photo or you can call for surf info and reports. Source : bay surf

New worry for Cornish surfers

Last week, it was revealed that surfers who choose to ride waves in areas designated for swimmers face being taken to court and punished with antisocial behaviour orders. Sennen beach, near Land's End, has always been a popular spot for surfers of all ages. However, it is also a popular destination... [read more]

He's behind you! The moment a 6ft shark leapt from the water

A surfer in Florida gets caught on camera with a 6ft Black Tip shark as he jumps out of the water. Smyrna Beach in Florida is known to the surfers as 'the sharkbite capital of the world'. Personally I think the shark just wants to be in the photo, he did a good job of it anyway. 12 people have... [read more]

Pictured: The surfer who kept his cool in the face of a volc

This guy is mad surely this water is quickly boiling?! Great pictures though. The water was so hot around his board it melted the wax and then started to burn his feet. Quite the close encounter! Source : Mail Online


Thousands of surfers are petitioning to get the surfboard ban lifted. Surfers are now concerned that other airlines will follow suit and stop allowing Boards on their planes. Anybody been affected by this ban? Personally I rent boards most places I go or friends tend to lend me theirs if I'm staying... [read more]


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