New worry for Cornish surfers

on September 22, 2008 by Administrator

Last week, it was revealed that surfers who choose to ride waves in areas designated for swimmers face being taken to court and punished with antisocial behaviour orders. Sennen beach, near Land’s End, has always been a popular spot for surfers of all ages. However, it is also a popular destination for families, many of which have very young children, who enjoy splashing about in the water.

The beach has an area reserved for those who wish to swim in the sea without the risk of being struck by a rogue surfboard. Recently though, an increasing number of surfers have been disobeying the boundaries and riding the waves in this designated zone.

Furthermore, longboarders are increasingly refusing to use leashes. Leashes connect the ankles of the surfer to the board itself, preventing the longboards from drifting off after a fall and potentially striking swimmers. Lifeguards patrolling the beach are becoming more and more frustrated by the surfers and longboarders, particularly since they have no official powers that enable them to enforce the rules. Officially, lifeguards are meant to advise, rather than force people to obey the bylaws.

This frustration has caused the lifeguards to consult the Devon and Cornwall police, who are now contemplating whether or not to send a community support officer to the beach. The police force and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who employ the lifeguards at Sennen beach, have worked together successfully before. The Beach Beat scheme in St. Ives and Newquay has tackled antisocial behaviour on these popular Cornish beaches.

According to a police spokesman, this scheme provides

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